Polio Australia currently has six websites, each meeting different needs and catering to different audiences. The existence of the websites and the comprehensive range of their contents have only been possible thanks to countless hours of volunteer labour.

Polio Australia Polio Register Polio Health Post-Polio Conference We're Still Here! Touched by Polio
Polio Australia

This is Polio Australia’s flagship website and was established in 2010 in furtherance of Polio Australia’s mission:

Polio Australia is committed to standardising quality polio information and service provision across Australia for polio survivors. Polio Australia’s Vision is that all polio survivors in Australia have access to appropriate health care and the support required to maintain independence and make informed life choices.

The Polio Australia website showcases the depth and breadth of our services. Learn about polio, its late effects, the importance of adding your details to the Australian Polio Register, and our national polio advocacy. Discover our annual Polio Health and Wellness Retreats, learn what’s on in your state, read our publications, and browse a collection of polio books. Examine a range of resources for polio survivors and their families, and explore memories of polio through photos, videos and stories. Click the image above to visit the site.

As the resources developed by Polio Australia have grown over time, additional websites have been created to more appropriately present specific contents to their intended audiences. You can read about our other websites on the following tabs.

Australian Polio Register

This is our latest website and has been especially created to provide ready access to the Australian Polio Register, making it easy for polio survivors to add their polio details, and for polio survivors, researchers and others to explore the rich statistics available on the registrations.

Clicking the image above will return you to the home page of this site.

Polio Health

This site provides a range of resources to health professionals across disciplines in the diagnosis, treatment and management of the late effects of polio. In particular, health professionals can register for late effects of polio clinical practice workshops, read the latest research into the late effects of polio, and purchase clinical practice resources.

Click the image above to visit the site.

Post-Polio Conference

This site is dedicated to Polio Australia’s Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference: Polio: Life Stage Matters to be held in Sydney in September 2016. Visit the site to learn about the eminent invited Australian and international speakers, view the conference program and abstracts and, of course, to register.

Click the image above to visit the site.

We're Still Here

The “We’re Still Here!” website acknowledges and documents the lives of Australia’s polio survivors by inviting and encouraging them to submit their polio stories.

The website also details the efforts of Australia’s forgotten polio survivors to have governments at all levels, and the community at large, recognise that they are still very much here and need specific support services for many years to come.

Please browse the website and the stories by clicking on the image above.

Touched by Polio

“Touched by Polio: from casts to catharsis” is an art exhibition which reflects on the often evoked “torture” associated with childhood polio and transforms that painful memory into a thing of value and/or beauty – much like the lives of Australia’s polio survivors who became artists themselves, or family/friends of the artists who created each unique exhibition piece.

Twenty-four artists who have been ‘touched by polio’ in some way — survivors, family, friends — contributed to the exhibition to create fourteen leg and twenty-one torso plaster-cast-based art works.

As Polio Australia receives no government or any other recurrent funding, the “Touched by Polio” exhibition art works were generously donated by the artists for auction/sale, with all proceeds going to assist Polio Australia in continuing our work.

Some pieces are still available for sale so please be sure to browse the collection by clicking the image above.